Golf in the Algarve, Southern Portugal, has experienced an unprecedented boom during the 90`s which has turn golf into an important part of the local tourism industry.

The Algarve Golfe association was born in 1985 as the need for a promotional organisation was recognised by all the golf courses in the region.

Ever since then all our golf courses have worked together to promote golf in the Algarve under the Algarve Golfe banner.

The aim of our association is to ensure that you enjoy an unforgettable golfing experience on some of the finest courses in Europe. An experience you will want to repeat “.

Algarve is proud to be able to welcome you. Come and see at first hand how our reputation for golf has made us the popular destination, which we are today. Watch as we carefully strive to improve still further the quality of our destination.

In 2000, already well established as a golfing destination, and the proud winners of the HERTZ Award World Wide Golf Destination of the Year 2000, the area offers a selection of 26 courses and there plans for others golf courses along the region, extending this already popular golfing destination both eastwards towards Spain and the Atlantic coast in the west. Come to the Algarve, where the golf season lasts twelve months a year!